Tourist Licence requirements

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Tourist Licence requirements – Laws regarding the offer of holiday rental properties in Spain have been in place for a number of years. In recent times, the authorities have started to clamp down on this popular activity. If you are offering a property for rent, then you need to comply with the rules and obtain a tourist licence.

Fail­ure to com­ply with the new laws re­gard­ing il­legal tour­ist prop­er­ties may res­ult in sub­stan­tial fines. This ­depends on how ser­i­ous the in­frac­tion is. If someone is let­ting out an apart­ment for hol­i­days without it be­ing
re­cor­ded in the re­gistry. Then a sanc­tion­ing file is ini­ti­ated. You could be charged many thou­sands of euros!

Also own­ers without a licence have to immediately stop offering the property for let­ting. You may also be breach­ing safety, health and hy­giene reg­u­la­tions without real­ising. Which could res­ult in more fines for you.

All property adverts MUST always display the tourist reference number to comply with the Tourist Licence requirements.

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