Holiday Rental

Holiday rentals in Spain

For many years it has been required you notify the Tax Authorities of any income from the rental of your property. Though it has been Law, many chose to ignore it and take a chance. Over recent years, this has been tightened up and more inspectors employed. In the last two years, the Government has made changes and strengthened the Law that any property for rental of under one month MUST have a tourist licence. (rentals of one month or more continuous rental, does not require a licence). You need to check with your legal team on what is required in your area and how to proceed.

The basic requirements are; and each area can be different, so check with your Lawyer;

  1. If you are in a community which is controlled by a community committee, then they now have the right, following a vote of residents, to grant or refuse permission to offer a property for Holiday Rental.
  2. You will then need to check with the local Town Hall to see if they grant a certificate of Compliance, which will have a charge.
  3. Once you have the Certificate of Compliance, you will need an Energy Certificate.
  4. You will also require an up to date copy of the habitation Certificate.
  5. You can then apply for your Tourist License – Can take anything up to about 3 months to be issued, depending on the area.
  6. You will need a copy of the plan for the property, produced by an Architect.
  7. You will need to register with the Police and have a user ID and password.
  8. You will require Comprehensive Landlord Insurance to cover Accident, Theft etc.
  9. You will need to record all income and expenditure and declare on your Tax return.
  10. An property adverts MUST include your Tourist Registration number.
  11. Your property must comply with some basic standards laid down by the Laws.
  12. You will receive a Tourist License Plaque which MUST to fixed to the property.
  13. Inspectors will require the following information if they call on you:
    • Copy of Title Deeds
    • Receipt for IBI
    • First Occupation License
    • Police Registration of the property.

Please Note: This page is only a guide to the rules for applying for a holiday rental license in our area, and should no way take precedence over the correct legal professional advice of your Lawyer or Gestor.

Many areas of Spain have differing rules and regulations on the requirements for Tourist License Approval. Please check just what is required in your area.

Heavy fines are issued for anyone caught offering Holiday Rentals without a license. The inspectors do check rental websites and Social Media to find properties for Holiday Rental.