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Damatt Property have been finding properties for clients from around the world since 2006 and have even gone through the buying process ourselves, so we know what it is like to buy a property in another Country.

That process can be quite daunting, though the end result can be very rewarding. You have the dream of buying and owning a property in another Country either as an investment, a holiday home, a holiday rental or even a retirement home. It makes it harder when;

  1. you do not really know the area, though you may have been many times on holiday,
  2. you do not know the buying process,
  3. you do not know where to start
  4. you do not know any Agents
  5. you do not speak the language enough to hold a buying conversation or understand all the pages of legal documentation.

Buying an ice cream on holiday is a lot easier than buying a house.

We at Damatt Property have many long term relationships with local Agents, Solicitors, Tax advisors, Mortgage Providers and Currency Transfer providers. In some cases we have worked closely with them for over 15 years. Many of our Agents we know well and have even been to their offices so we know they do exist. International Agents, come and go depending on the state of the property market.

We provide you with a FREE property finding service. Just complete the form below and we will search for you and anything we find will be sent to you and we can act as your go between so the language problem has gone away.

  • Select the Country you want
  • Select type of property
  • Here you select your budget
  • Here add the number of bedrooms required
  • Here add if needs pool, close to beach, or anything speacial
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