QUA1321 – In San Severino Marche, exactly in Via della Pitturetta, our partner offers for sale a farmhouse on two floors for a total square meters. 88 (conventional) with annex of sqm. 42 and land of approx. 5,800.

This property is unique in terms of characteristics, quality, and location, halfway between the historic center (from which it enjoys the view from above) and the Castello del Monte.

The city center can be reached on foot, through Via della Pitturetta (one of the most characteristic streets in the center, with access reserved for residents only).

The house, rebuilt on the site of an ancient building, was re-built with the best anti-seismic criteria, reusing recycled materials for the exterior (sandstone and tiles) while the interiors were designed to give the right living comfort both in winter and in summer thanks to the insulators, the wooden window frames and double glazing with mosquito nets. The choice of interior finishing materials are in accordance with the typology of the place: exposed wooden ceiling beams, traditional plaster and traditional terracotta floors. Convenient double entrance to the house, accessible both from Via della Pitturetta and from the internal courtyard.

A few meters from the house is the accessory which, although made almost invisible due to the covered lawn roof, remains very bright thanks to the large glass door, which illuminates an interior with a fireplace, totally finished with single-fired floors. plasters, electrical systems and a bathroom with shower, all to make this pertinence a multipurpose space complementary to the small main house.

Via della Pitturetta derives from the Antica Pitturetta, located about a hundred meters below the house, dedicated to Santa Maria della Vergine, built in 1465 (the small church of S. Maria della Vergine, called La Pitturetta, was born as a votive shrine at the intersection between the road coming from Piazza Del Mercato and the other road that went up to the monastery of San Mariano. The first archival documents, which speak of the construction of the chapel, date back to 1465. Initially the aedicule was also called of “Tagliacozzo”, probably from the name of the owner of the land on which it was built (extracted from “The Places of Silence”).
The annexed land of approx. 5,800 located downstream of the house, rich in native vegetation, fruit trees and olive groves (about 100 adult plants), all surrounded by sandstone walls; the land constitutes a real green lung within the center.