BON769    Property for sale in Vilopriu, Costa Brava. Spain.   This stone house is located in a quiet village and has some very special features inside. Its current owners have found a unique charm thanks to the combination of the classic elements of the house, such as the old-fashioned small kitchen with an oven, the red brick flooring, and the rustic wood. The renovation allows a lot of air to flow in and adds a modern touch to the place. Are you a wine lover? This is the last thing we will tell you: Don’t miss the wine cellar and specially its cute little terrace. You will immediately fall in love with this place, which will be the ideal place for your favourite plants and flowers.
So, if you are looking for a Property for sale in Vilopriu, Costa Brava. This is a perfect house, located in the most medieval lands of the Empordà. A fantastic option for a first or a second home.

REDUCED from €298000 to €249000