MP242 – Cheap Property for sale in Spain. This is a traditional mid terraced home for renovation in La Romana, Alicante. Spain. We offer for sale this quirky building project. This lovely traditional spanish home is located very close to a fantastic restaurant and is very close to the national park. Standing amidst the many walking and cycling routes it would make an excellent base as a holiday home, investment property or even as a “fix up and sell” project.

La Romana is a small village in the Valencian region in Spain. It is located in the foothills of the Serra del Reclot.  The basic meaning of La Romana is ‘The Roman One’. There is magnificent rural area all around the village. Here you can find almond orchards and vineyards. Also there are numbers of mines for marble and limestone around the village. You will be astonished to find various cave dwellings around the city. These caves are still used by people as these have been modified in the form of modern homes. There are clean one-way streets in the city. The city has a grid pattern. The streets are lined with trees that keep the city clean and green. It is spread over an area of 43.3 per It is at a height of 480m above sea level. The communal swimming pool located at the periphery of the city in beautiful wooded parkland imparts a wonderful appearance to the city.